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Chat room is now fixed and Chat can resume Saturday Night at 9pm EST

Please consider becoming an ezSupporter if you aren't already. It helps keep the board costs down. The price is around $7 for 6 months or $12 for a year.

NC-17 stories can be found in the NC-17 Forum, which is password locked. If you want access to the forum, which is password protected join the new WB Connections Adult FF e-mail group though yahoo.com. It really easy.

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I hate it when site says it easy to add something and it almost turns out to be more trouble then its worth. Anyway, just click the broken button if you want to join, it will still take you where you need to go. Thanks!

Stop by the chat every Saturday at 6pm Pac/9pm Est for Etebarian Chat. Run by the fab Oldemystix. :)

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